The Story of beebooked

The beebooked partnership is the brainchild of Emily Kent and Faye Dicker.
Two women who were already on a mission running their own businesses, their paths crossed when they were asked to speak at an event by People Per Hour on "Living Your Work Dream".

You see, when it comes to Living Your Work Dream, the two of them know what the reality is actually like. And while you can think big, often it's the little steps that can help you most along the way. So beebooked is here to help busy individuals in the community, looking to connect.

It's that 'helpful app in your pocket' able to help join the dots. Need a piano tutor or some family photos? Or perhaps your small business could do with a local boost. Let beebooked make the connections in your local area or your "hive", as we like to call it.

beebooked is about uniting communities, bridging the gap and making life a little bit easier for every one.

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About the founders

Emily Kent

I have spent over 8 years walking my 4 kids to and from the school gates and amid the conversation about lost coats, homework, who needs which form and HOW LONG?! until holidays, there was a continual conversation and frustration about if and how you could make work work around all the family and caring commitments we were experiencing.

There was a huge range and depth of talents and skills that weren't being used because of these difficulties. The idea was formed to create a place to promote all these skills and at the same time enable people to find these local skills that could help when they needed them - a tutor, a designer, a baker, a physio, a carer.

Faye Dicker

Voiceover Artist and founder of Freelance Mum, Faye Dicker has worked in broadcasting for over 20 years and can be heard on the fleet of GWR trains, Matalan radio adverts, corporate elearning and yes, she is often that annoying woman who asks you to 'please hold'.

With broadcasting in her blood, Freelance Mum was born after having her own children and realizing the challenges of juggling business around babies. She runs child-friendly networking events, twice a month in Bristol, which are brilliantly bonkers.

Faye is incredibly passionate about supporting the freelance community and has been awarded Freelance Ambassador of the Year and listed in the Top 100 Most Influential Women in the West.